My IMDB entry

My IMDB entry

I finally got my IMDB entry for my work as Art Director on The Weathered Underground. That experience was one of the more formative ones I have had in my adult life. We worked our asses off, pulling 16 hour days everyday for 45 days straight. This was my first quasi-Hollywood experience, and I wanted more of it even though I complained of aching feet and exhaustion all the time.

The premise of this work is that it is a choose your own adventure, reminiscent of the kinds of books we read as kids, where you would choose the path the protagonist traveled. In this case the web made for a click here sort of adventure, and in this one you have a whole film in which to determine the course of events for Eric, played by Michael Ciriaco. The production is very interesting, with loads of green screen and creative effects that personify the style that Director, David Donihue brings to the film.

I did some of the work on the mattes and composites, which was really a new thing for me, and something I found to be fun and exciting. David allowed me really free creative reign, and the whole experience will always be one of the best memories of my life. I am hoping this first film is a success, because the second film features yours truly as an ad executive, and of course I will get another IMDB credit for acting, which will bode very well for my budding film career.

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