Preview of Junk: A Memoir

Preview of Junk: A Memoir

The following entries are excerpts from my first novel, or rather more of a roman-a-clef, entitled Junk: A Memoir. I began writing this perhaps five years ago, and I am still trying to face rewrites and editing before I begin a search for an agent and hopefully publication. It is merely the tale of my life through the worst time of it, and hopefully through the rabbit hole.

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  2. Oh dear, I really have no idea about all this blog follower stuff. I don’t understand it at all. Would you like to have Twitter update you, or Technorati, Digg, or Del.i.cious or any of the 200+ similar I don’t even know what they are or what they do Web 2.0 I am too old for new technology phenomenon? I know you can click the RSS feed icon on the top of the page and your browser will serve as an RSS reader so you can follow the blog that way. But I don’t even get RSS in whole, nor do I understand trackbacks and pingbacks, or what happens when you try to tweet or digg or wank or whatever the kids are doing these days. But I think I can put a subscribe doo-hickey so people can submit their email addresses for notifications, but isn’t that like Web 1.0? Twitter the tweets, and you figure this stuff out and let me know.

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