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Triple X-Box

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Now this one was written by yours truly, Alex Mathews. Oh, and I also directed it. Me, Alex Mathews. Imagine that. Since I was a director of a Hollywood movie, I felt that filming sex was my right. It was a very deep commentary on sex and video games. I believe everything I wrote for Special Ed had to do with sex, mostly because whenever a member of the group got to write, they got to direct. And as I said a second ago, I wanted to be the guy directing people to have sex. I felt it would be good for me.

Pinkberry: A cautionary tale

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This one was written by Tim Hahn, and features yours truly, Alex Mathews, as the cop who shows up at the end.

Special Ed

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Special Ed was a short lived group of comedy writers who decided to get together and produce short comedy sketches for dissemination on places like youtube. We all had fun until one of our members went to live with his girlfriend and the group pretty well dissolved. Ironically, as soon as he moved from LA to San Francisco, the girl heartlessly dumped him.

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