Why Expertise Is Valuable, But Time Is Precious

Why Expertise Is Valuable, But Time Is Precious

I am almost embarrassed to say that I just finished Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek, but we practice full disclosure and openness here in California. It’s not exactly the sort of book appropriate for me, for I am one of the few people that could benefit from a 40-hour workweek. But, being the slacker that I try to be, it called to me from the shelves of the bookstore (by the way, a few of these still exist). I discovered the premise is less about becoming idle than it is being more efficient, and apparently travel is particularly important for this guy. After getting past my jealousy for his being able to do basically anything he sets his mind to, like becoming an actual ninja or an Olympic weightlifter or professional salsa dancer, I liked what he offers in terms of breaking with convention. In fact, if anything has to do with shattering convention, I get excited and fist pump while driving in my car. Email, bosses, retirement planning, distribution channels—it’s all bullshit in Ferriss’ world, and I am all for calling a spade a spade, especially if I can act like a real hippie and drop out while giving the finger to the man. It’s all about evaluating our lives, and seeing where the logjams are, and his book sheds light on some of these. At some point in my reading, I wished there was a cult that supported the 4HWW (as his devout followers will call it), so I could move closer to the Master, but I saw his picture and got completely disgusted with myself.

I am, however, following his advice (sort of), and putting some of my long held dreams into action. I feel most books like this should come with an automatic ass-kicker or maybe a cattle prod, because basically that seems to be what most people really need. Sure, it’s nice to mentally and emotionally work through the obstacles we face in our lives, but what matters is what we do.

He did help me find SelfGrowth.com, which is said to be “the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.” I am now a member. It’s all part of a master plan to do rather than dream. And when time truly is the most precious thing we have, it’s good to spend time wisely, and do what makes us happy. Everything else is just a horrible parasite.

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