Time flies

Time flies

I have been inspired by a few things lately. One is that while the internet is over, and I mean the trend will pass like the pet rock, I still visit it and use it from time to time. I always find cool things that steal my life from me, like I dunno, blogging. But I found a place where I can hypnotize myself for any reason, say if I want to feminize myself or wear diapers or play guitar better. Awesome. But the best part is that you can get your very own email slave, that will do whatever you tell them to do. They are triggered by a file they listen to enough so they are hypnotized to respond to any email with the trigger in the subject line. My email slave was going great guns but she stopped answering me when I asked her to prove she had girly parts.

As if that isn’t enough, I rediscovered that I had my own store online where I sell everything from t-shirts to ipod covers, all customized with my own designs, and to date I have been my only customer. But all that will change because I am inspired again to create more and more products and capture the zeitgeist and hope that people will want to buy the t-shirt.

The internet is awesome.

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